Sunday, September 9, 2012

Power of the Wild

I love wearing shorts but since I am in a corporate environment five times a week, I can only wear shorts on weekends. So even if there are random rain showers today, I still opted for my typical weekend get-up. I am headed to the mall to buy some stuff and have dinner so I decided to wear a cover up to keep at least my upper half warm.
Since I am quite in a hurry and didn’t really have the luxury to think of what to wear, I decided to wear my animal print cardigan ala trench coat (yes, I call my cover-ups trench coats when they're long. haha i adore trench coats but since we're in a tropical country, oh well). I think animal prints make a whole lot of difference in any attire. This is the reason why I love animal prints a looottt. Oh yes, I've always believed in the power of the wild!  It’s my quick fix when I want to vamp up whatever I am wearing. And of course, a classic style low cut boots--this never fails to make an attire look extra chic. ;)

Animal print cardigan- From Tita Em (Take note of this name, she will be a regular mention and she’s not a brand. haha She’s my top fashion sponsor ever since I was a baby… actually the person who introduced fashion to me at a young age. J )

Bag and Boots- Mango; Mustard tank top- 35Php =) from a stall in Market Market's Fashion Market; Denim Shorts - 150Php =)  Metro Department Store; Necklace- Landmark; Rings- Girl Shoppe

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