Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Legally Blonding

It's quiz bee day in the office and and I feel quite unfortunate to be participating. I've stopped joining the preliminary rounds and for some miraculous reason, I still got into the semi finalists cut. If there was some divine intervention that brought me to it, I was thinking, maybe, just maybe, some force coming from above will also give me the answers I need. My brain feels as though it is plain empty. I feel the stress of having to compete with really smart people and looking stupid in front of everyone. While I planned to cram my review, I decided that my primary game plan would just be "[if I could not answer the questions,] at least I LOOK PRETTY." hahaha

I recently purchased this dress from Pretty Girl and Co. and I thought today was a perfect time to wear this new dress--hopeful it could transform all the negativity in me to good vibes.. and perhaps give me a bonus of some extra luck? Yep, I am clinging into miracles and good fortune today more than ever.

While my intention was to look nice [enough], I didn't want to end up too dressy (to keep the secrecy of my game plan haha) so I kept everything else simple. I wore my faves-- my neon purple flats and my most recent fave colorful necklace--to add hints of colors to my monochromatic dress. I did not give justice though to the bow belt I was wearing since it wasn't as noticeable unless you're standing close to me.

Dress: Pretty Girl & Co. P400; Necklace from an online store (which I unfortunately can't remember); Shoes, Australian; Belt, Terranova; Ring, Fudge Rock
 At Thomson Reuters Legal Manila Library...
where all the studying [did not] happen. Photo ops, instead? =)

This was my "thinking so hard but my brain is really blank" quiz bee look. hahaha

... And the pretty back detail of the dress which everyone saw when I walked away defeated yet thankful for the experience. =)

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