Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Leggin' Lovin

I am starting to get bored with my ultimate casual staple-- ze shorts. But I am definitely not wearing jeans on my days off (save them on dress down Fridays when jeans seem to be the first and last option when you want to be obedient to the office Friday dress code)! This is the reason why I tried exploring the world of leggings.

While leggings remind me of my ballet classes and the "let's get physical days," I've noticed how this thigh emphasizing pair has reinvented itself to [once] again grab its share of limelight in today's fashion trends. I honestly didn't want to jump into the wagon but since I have no justifiable reason and I wanted to try out something new (or at least something I wore when I was still in elementary and didn't really care), I allowed myself to give in to this leggings trend.

And wow, it's not as bad as I thought! It's actually as comfy and laid back as my favorite denim shorts (less the excessive leg exposure, LOL).

 Although there's currently tons of legging prints in the market, I am still a bit scared to go all out prints and neons so I settled with this black and white paisley print [at least for now]. I kept everything else simple so the leggings become the focal point of my outfit. I added bits of colors-- the neon collar tips, purse and ring-- to liven up the black and white.

 Sheer Mullet Top, Paisley Leggings (P160) - Landmark Dept. Store; Neon Collar Tips - Patrick Love Bird; Spike Gold/White Bangle - Reginas; Ring, Wrap Around Studded Bracelet - Girl Shoppe

Aviator Shades - Charlotte Russe c/o Pretty Girl and Co.; Watch - Anne Klein; Bag - Franco Sarto; Shoes - Androgyne Manila

I realized that choosing the right print for you or a print you know you can comfortably pull off will give your day's get up that instant funky-ness. I am happy with this first attempt, hence I am certain there will be more leggin' lovin' posts! ;)

Friday, October 5, 2012

The Blue and Gold of Miriam

The white pants was the foundation of what I wore today. I was about to put it to the laundry but thought it's worth wearing one last time. I honestly had difficulty thinking of what to pair it with since I rarely wear pants on weekends (shorts is my weekend staple). So after some random picking and throwing back of blouses and tops, I ended up with this mustard vintage Pepsi Cola sleeveless. The combination of white and mustard gave me an instant high. I thought I'd add hints of extra colors, but decided to stay within the bounds of red and blue--and gold.

I love how everything seemed to fall perfectly in place. This look feels so laidback yet the mix of colors is giving it that right amount of funky twist. I had this LSS the entire night though because blue and yellow will forever remind me of school!

Friday, September 28, 2012

Friday Defiance

There was this itch of defiance tingling in my system while I was having breakfast this morning. While shorts is a weekend staple I thought since it's dress down Friday, maybe I can challenge the dress code policy of the office by wearing shorts. Well actually my defiant act seemed kind of discreet since my so called shorts disguises as a skirt! toinNeedless, my rebellious urge was still satisfied, so yeah, i am happy and it's friday! woot!!!

If I was notorious enough, I think I'd leave the blazer home. But nah, I am not ready for a memo. Besides, I really love this blazer. It's a perfect office cover up--it's simple/classy with subtle hints of funkyness and edge.

Animal print shorts w/ ribbon, Fashion Gym, Sta. Lucia Mall for only P100! ;) ; Green tank top, Mango; Blazer, February Love, about P500
flower pony tail, The Landmark P80; necklace, from an online store (i really can't recall =z ) P150; colorful stretch bracelet, Elan P60; colorful bangles, The Ramp; watch, Anne Klein; rings and lady bug earrings, Eastwood bazaar; sandals, Janilyn

Happy crazy Friday!!! =)

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Color Black-ing

I feel kinda sluggish today due to my itchy throat and stuffy nose. If only I still have enough sick leaves to spare, I'd choose to stay home, lay in bed and hibernate like a Marmot. But since I didn't have much of an option, I just managed to drag myself to prepare and get dressed for work.

 I was too preoccupied with blowing my nose so I decided to skip the daily make-up routine. And since my mood was predominantly on the darker end of the spectrum, I couldn't think of wearing anything else but  black. Yup, I sometimes get a bit gothy-ish when I am sick. haha

Anyway, I decided to use my leopard printed blazer (again, I really love animal prints!) and my yellow-green beaded collar  neckalce to bring life and hope to my lamented look. mwahahah

And since I can't leave without either a bangle or ring, I opted for a gold and black piece to keep everything else neutral. The gold flats was a "running late" decision.. and the bag was the bag I used the other day (I got too lazy to change my bag.)

 So her yah go, my color black-ing look for the day. Sniff sniff. Haaachuuuu!

Tank top, from a bazaar; Skirt, Roxy; Leopard Blazer, SM Department Store P900 ish; Collar Necklace, The Ramp; Bangle, Landmark; Satchel (I bought it from a stall in Singapore, about SGD19.00); Gold flats, Step Rite-- It's a local shoe store in Pagsanjan, Laguna. It's been there for ages and we never fail to dropby the store every time we visit the area. I always come home with really nice and sturdy finds!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Legally Blonding

It's quiz bee day in the office and and I feel quite unfortunate to be participating. I've stopped joining the preliminary rounds and for some miraculous reason, I still got into the semi finalists cut. If there was some divine intervention that brought me to it, I was thinking, maybe, just maybe, some force coming from above will also give me the answers I need. My brain feels as though it is plain empty. I feel the stress of having to compete with really smart people and looking stupid in front of everyone. While I planned to cram my review, I decided that my primary game plan would just be "[if I could not answer the questions,] at least I LOOK PRETTY." hahaha

I recently purchased this dress from Pretty Girl and Co. and I thought today was a perfect time to wear this new dress--hopeful it could transform all the negativity in me to good vibes.. and perhaps give me a bonus of some extra luck? Yep, I am clinging into miracles and good fortune today more than ever.

While my intention was to look nice [enough], I didn't want to end up too dressy (to keep the secrecy of my game plan haha) so I kept everything else simple. I wore my faves-- my neon purple flats and my most recent fave colorful necklace--to add hints of colors to my monochromatic dress. I did not give justice though to the bow belt I was wearing since it wasn't as noticeable unless you're standing close to me.

Dress: Pretty Girl & Co. P400; Necklace from an online store (which I unfortunately can't remember); Shoes, Australian; Belt, Terranova; Ring, Fudge Rock
 At Thomson Reuters Legal Manila Library...
where all the studying [did not] happen. Photo ops, instead? =)

This was my "thinking so hard but my brain is really blank" quiz bee look. hahaha

... And the pretty back detail of the dress which everyone saw when I walked away defeated yet thankful for the experience. =)

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Power of the Wild

I love wearing shorts but since I am in a corporate environment five times a week, I can only wear shorts on weekends. So even if there are random rain showers today, I still opted for my typical weekend get-up. I am headed to the mall to buy some stuff and have dinner so I decided to wear a cover up to keep at least my upper half warm.
Since I am quite in a hurry and didn’t really have the luxury to think of what to wear, I decided to wear my animal print cardigan ala trench coat (yes, I call my cover-ups trench coats when they're long. haha i adore trench coats but since we're in a tropical country, oh well). I think animal prints make a whole lot of difference in any attire. This is the reason why I love animal prints a looottt. Oh yes, I've always believed in the power of the wild!  It’s my quick fix when I want to vamp up whatever I am wearing. And of course, a classic style low cut boots--this never fails to make an attire look extra chic. ;)

Animal print cardigan- From Tita Em (Take note of this name, she will be a regular mention and she’s not a brand. haha She’s my top fashion sponsor ever since I was a baby… actually the person who introduced fashion to me at a young age. J )

Bag and Boots- Mango; Mustard tank top- 35Php =) from a stall in Market Market's Fashion Market; Denim Shorts - 150Php =)  Metro Department Store; Necklace- Landmark; Rings- Girl Shoppe

Monday, September 3, 2012

Long Over Due

So finally I am posting something in this blog. It has been almost two months since I created this blog but due to a lot of reasons (or mostly excuses), I delayed doing what I am actually doing now.

Truthfully, I am quite clueless and uncertain with this fashion blogging landscape. I think there's just an immense number of legit bloggers who will eat me whole. It never really crossed my mind to put up a blog for quite a number of reasons: 1) I seriously hate being in front of the computer 2) I was never really a fan of social media sites 3) I think a blog spot will be wasted on me 4) I am not worthy 5) I am not confident enough 6) I am not really confident enough 7) I have fears... and blah blah blahhh.

But I think I just have a bunch of really good friends (thank you specifically to Isa, Paige, Sarah and Ziella) and  a very supportive partner *ehem ehem*--who believe and seriously think that I deserve a space in the cyberworld of fashion and blogging. If it wasn't to these people, I wouldn't really have the courage to jump into this unfamiliar territory.

You can hate me now but eventually I hope you'll love me-- and learn something from me. I am dedicating this blog for all those who feel they're not good enough; for those who have random fears and doubts; for those who sometimes lose their confidence and think that being stylish and looking good are rights granted only to "pretty girls" and to those who are capable of limitless spending. I stand up for the vast majority-- for the girls who aspire to look their chic-est best without spending golds and gems.

So, I guess here we go. First post.

The Cheap Chic.