Friday, October 5, 2012

The Blue and Gold of Miriam

The white pants was the foundation of what I wore today. I was about to put it to the laundry but thought it's worth wearing one last time. I honestly had difficulty thinking of what to pair it with since I rarely wear pants on weekends (shorts is my weekend staple). So after some random picking and throwing back of blouses and tops, I ended up with this mustard vintage Pepsi Cola sleeveless. The combination of white and mustard gave me an instant high. I thought I'd add hints of extra colors, but decided to stay within the bounds of red and blue--and gold.

I love how everything seemed to fall perfectly in place. This look feels so laidback yet the mix of colors is giving it that right amount of funky twist. I had this LSS the entire night though because blue and yellow will forever remind me of school!