Monday, September 3, 2012

Long Over Due

So finally I am posting something in this blog. It has been almost two months since I created this blog but due to a lot of reasons (or mostly excuses), I delayed doing what I am actually doing now.

Truthfully, I am quite clueless and uncertain with this fashion blogging landscape. I think there's just an immense number of legit bloggers who will eat me whole. It never really crossed my mind to put up a blog for quite a number of reasons: 1) I seriously hate being in front of the computer 2) I was never really a fan of social media sites 3) I think a blog spot will be wasted on me 4) I am not worthy 5) I am not confident enough 6) I am not really confident enough 7) I have fears... and blah blah blahhh.

But I think I just have a bunch of really good friends (thank you specifically to Isa, Paige, Sarah and Ziella) and  a very supportive partner *ehem ehem*--who believe and seriously think that I deserve a space in the cyberworld of fashion and blogging. If it wasn't to these people, I wouldn't really have the courage to jump into this unfamiliar territory.

You can hate me now but eventually I hope you'll love me-- and learn something from me. I am dedicating this blog for all those who feel they're not good enough; for those who have random fears and doubts; for those who sometimes lose their confidence and think that being stylish and looking good are rights granted only to "pretty girls" and to those who are capable of limitless spending. I stand up for the vast majority-- for the girls who aspire to look their chic-est best without spending golds and gems.

So, I guess here we go. First post.

The Cheap Chic.

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