Friday, September 28, 2012

Friday Defiance

There was this itch of defiance tingling in my system while I was having breakfast this morning. While shorts is a weekend staple I thought since it's dress down Friday, maybe I can challenge the dress code policy of the office by wearing shorts. Well actually my defiant act seemed kind of discreet since my so called shorts disguises as a skirt! toinNeedless, my rebellious urge was still satisfied, so yeah, i am happy and it's friday! woot!!!

If I was notorious enough, I think I'd leave the blazer home. But nah, I am not ready for a memo. Besides, I really love this blazer. It's a perfect office cover up--it's simple/classy with subtle hints of funkyness and edge.

Animal print shorts w/ ribbon, Fashion Gym, Sta. Lucia Mall for only P100! ;) ; Green tank top, Mango; Blazer, February Love, about P500
flower pony tail, The Landmark P80; necklace, from an online store (i really can't recall =z ) P150; colorful stretch bracelet, Elan P60; colorful bangles, The Ramp; watch, Anne Klein; rings and lady bug earrings, Eastwood bazaar; sandals, Janilyn

Happy crazy Friday!!! =)

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