Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Leggin' Lovin

I am starting to get bored with my ultimate casual staple-- ze shorts. But I am definitely not wearing jeans on my days off (save them on dress down Fridays when jeans seem to be the first and last option when you want to be obedient to the office Friday dress code)! This is the reason why I tried exploring the world of leggings.

While leggings remind me of my ballet classes and the "let's get physical days," I've noticed how this thigh emphasizing pair has reinvented itself to [once] again grab its share of limelight in today's fashion trends. I honestly didn't want to jump into the wagon but since I have no justifiable reason and I wanted to try out something new (or at least something I wore when I was still in elementary and didn't really care), I allowed myself to give in to this leggings trend.

And wow, it's not as bad as I thought! It's actually as comfy and laid back as my favorite denim shorts (less the excessive leg exposure, LOL).

 Although there's currently tons of legging prints in the market, I am still a bit scared to go all out prints and neons so I settled with this black and white paisley print [at least for now]. I kept everything else simple so the leggings become the focal point of my outfit. I added bits of colors-- the neon collar tips, purse and ring-- to liven up the black and white.

 Sheer Mullet Top, Paisley Leggings (P160) - Landmark Dept. Store; Neon Collar Tips - Patrick Love Bird; Spike Gold/White Bangle - Reginas; Ring, Wrap Around Studded Bracelet - Girl Shoppe

Aviator Shades - Charlotte Russe c/o Pretty Girl and Co.; Watch - Anne Klein; Bag - Franco Sarto; Shoes - Androgyne Manila

I realized that choosing the right print for you or a print you know you can comfortably pull off will give your day's get up that instant funky-ness. I am happy with this first attempt, hence I am certain there will be more leggin' lovin' posts! ;)

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